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Healey St John

[Population 1911: 288]

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St John's, Healey, originally a Chapel of Ease in the parish of Bywell. Erection of church completed in 1860, architect C.E. Davis of Bath. Original structure was intended to be Norman in style, the roof to be a semi-circular arch all of stone (now of wood). The stone arch was abandoned after two attempts, both of which when the supports were removed fell to the ground! The tower was added in 1890, providing a vestry on the lower part. Note: the very unusual Rose window in the west wall; three stained glass windows inserted in the Apse in 1883 by Baguley of Newcastle in memory of Robert Ormston of Healey Hall; also, more recently, three windows in memory of members of the Warde-Aldam family also of Healey Hall, scenes taken from the life of St Cuthbert designed and executed by L.C. Evetts. Well worth a visit. [The Newcastle Diocesan Gazetteer (1982), page 37.]

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