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Parish Notes Northumberland

Matfen Holy Trinity

[Population 1911: 731]

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The Church dedicated to the Holy Trinity, is situated on the south side of the Pont, overlooking the village of Matfen.

It was erected in 1842 at the sole cost of Sir Edward Blackett, and consists of nave, chancel and tower, which houses three bells.

The style of architecture is Early English with single lancet windows.

Matfen was constituted a separate parish in February 1846.

After a period of years the patronage of the living was conveyed by the founder to the Bishop of Newcastle and it has recently been reconveyed to the Crown.

The organ given by Ursula Lady Blackett was built recently by Mr Nigel Church. [The Newcastle Diocesan Gazetteer (1982), page 38.]

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Non-Parochial Records

Gateshead Observer 16/12/1837 WONDERFUL GROWTH.- A white globe turnip has been grown by Mr. Thomas Dobson, of Matfin, which measures 38 inches round, and without the top weighed 16½ lbs. What makes it more extraordinary, the land upon which it was grown is calculated to be not worth more than 5s. per acre, and situated at Fenwick.

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