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Parish Notes Northumberland

Wylam St Oswin

[Population 1911: 1,710]

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Wylam St Oswin was built through the generosity of George Hedley, son of the famous railway pioneer of Wylam, William Hedley. It was dedicated on All Saints Day 1886. Designed by the Newcastle architect R.J. Johnson, the church is in the perpendicular style, aisless and with a large tower on the south side. St Oswin, king and martyr, is depicted in a stained window on the south side of the chancel. This is the only church in the diocese dedicated to the Northumbrian saint. The village of Wylam remained within the parish of Ovingham until 1902, when the separate parish of Wylam with Horsley was established. [The Newcastle Diocesan Gazetteer (1982), page 42.]

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