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Parish Notes Northumberland

Backworth St John the Baptist

[Population 1911: incl. with Earsdon]

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This small but graceful stone church was built in 1886 by the Taylor fmaily of Chipchase Castle. It is in the parish of Earsdon but until 1955 it always had a priest-in-charge who lived in the clergy house near the church. The last priest-in-charge was Rev. A. Wilson, now Canon at the Cathedral. St. John's is probably unique in that at one time it was in a different deanery to the parish church at Earsdon. One was in Bedlington deanery and one in Tynemouth deanery. They are both now correctly in Tynemouth deanery. Since 1955 the vicar of St. Alban's, Earsdon, has looked after St. John's. [The Newcastle Diocesan Gazetteer (1982), page 81.]

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